Ferrari Studios are spaces that are used for the production and display of a given family members’ artistic practice while functioning as places for collaborations, artist residencies, community driven projects and educational programming that are open to the general public. Visit our latest news for upcoming events and opportunities.

Virginio Ferrari Studio, Bridgeport Arts Center, Chicago, USA

In 2013 Virginio moved his studios from the Vogue Building in downtown Chicago to the Bridgeport neighborhood. The 3000 sq. ft. loft space is on the river level, located on the South Branch of the Chicago River in the Bridgeport Arts Center, a converted 1911 warehouse complex built by Albert Pick & Co.

Current: Dialogo

Virginio Ferrari Contemporary Arts Center

Currently in the initial planning phase as we are looking for a permanent space on Chicago’s South Side, the Virginio Ferrari Contemporary Arts Center will become the official museum of the renowned sculptor Virginio Ferrari. Inspired from Virginio’s belief “that it is time to consider how fast things disappear and to become more aware of making art to live with,” the Contemporary Arts Center will function to educate the public of his extensive work in the field of contemporary sculpture and public art, while also seeking to be an active space in the production of new public art projects, exhibition programming, and community based initiatives that connect his adoptive home and motherland.

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Marco G. Ferrari Studio, Rome, Italy

In 2017 Marco established a live/work space composed of an editing studio and gallery space within a penthouse apartment in the Pigneto neighborhood, Roma Est. The space has allowed for the artist to produce personal works and exhibits as well as community based projects associated with the local resident activist group “Comitato di Quartiere Pigneto-Prenestino”; a nearby occupied self-run social center “Csoa ExSnia”; and the “Forum Territoriale Permanente Parco delle Energie”, a consortium of groups and individuals that curate and maintain the local park and lake Bullicante ExSnia. These resources along with his affiliation as professor at John Cabot University and the resources the institution can provide render it a unique place for collaboration and creativity.

Current: Rigenera

Virginio Ferrari Studio “Melograno”, Guardistallo, Italy

In 2010 Virginio and Marisa Ferrari moved into a rehabbed farm house adding an outdoor sculpture garden, gallery and atelier. The Tuscany studio is located in the country-side of the medieval town of Guardistallo (Provence of Pisa). The Mediterranean Sea lies 10 km east and Volterra stands 20 km to the West, while the Carrara marble quarries, where Virginio often works, is 90 minutes to the north. The home acts as a peaceful refuge generating contemplation and dialog for visitors. The Ferrari family’s growing relationship with the town of Guardistallo over the years and Virginio’s donation of the environmental sculpture “Forme delle terra” have created a strong partnership with the town allowing the possibility to access unique spaces in the town for artistic activity such as the the Teatro Virgilio Marchionneschi.